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How to Have a Great First Dance

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The first dance as husband and wife is one of the magical moments of your wedding that you’ll never forget. It’s so important that you’ll dedicate a good portion of time and planning into making sure the dance goes perfectly.

You’ll have to choose a song and figure out if you want to have a choreographed routine or not. Our last post gave great insight and tips on why you should, or should not, choreograph a first dance as husband and wife. Be sure to go back and read it if you’re on the fence.

Regardless of the route you choose for your first dance, there are a few tips that will help make sure you’re not embarrassing yourselves. Check out these ideas below, if we missed something, leave us a note in the comment section. For the most affordable wedding catering Raleigh NC has to offer, look no further than Catering by Design. You’ll love our food, flavors, and prices.

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Tips for a Great First Dance

Start Planning Early

Start your first dance planning as soon as you can. We know you have other important items to sort out, but we suggest that you write out a separate plan for this one. That way you can keep yourself organized. The first thing you’ll need to consider is if you’re going to have a fun dance routine or go with the traditional slow dance. Be sure to also consider the size and type of dance floor you’ll have. This could limit your options.

Regular Practice

Practice your dance, even if you’re going the traditional route. Write weekly practice times on your calendar for you and partner. When practicing, be sure to wear your wedding shoes. You might even want to consider practicing a few times in your wedding gown and all of your accessories. This will give you more of a true feeling as to what the dance will feel like when the big moment hits.

Keeping It Simple

Don’t over-think it and keep it simple. With all the reality TV dance shows, we know you may be tempted to do something fancy. However, if this will deeply stress you out just avoid it. There is nothing wrong with having an easy first dance. The main focus should be on having fun and connecting with your new husband or wife.

We hope our last two posts will help you dance better and have more fun when it comes time for your wedding reception. If you need affordable catering for a fall wedding, keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help.

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