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Fall Wedding Reception Catering Tips | Large Events

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fall wedding reception catering ideas

Large Fall Wedding Reception Catering Tips

Brides, do you want to have a large, extravagant celebration to commemorate your marriage? You probably get excited just thinking about seeing all your childhood and college friends, family that you don’t see often, and all the people that make your life special. With all the guests attending your big day, you might feel intimidated when planning your fall wedding reception catering. Don’t worry, we have a few tips to keep your stress levels low and your reception magnificent.

Find a One-Stop-Shop Wedding Reception Catering Company

When planning a fall wedding reception, there are a ton of variables to account for. With so many vendors, you can run into communication problems which will cause major headaches. You should be able to find a wedding reception catering company that does more than just cook the food. By limiting the number of vendors involved in your reception, you lower the possibility of communication issues drastically.

With big wedding receptions, you really should keep the number of vendors down to a minimum. You’re going to need more of the necessities, such as food, flowers, decor, china, etc. so go with a wedding reception catering company like Catering by Design. We offer brides and their family help with all their event planning needs. Contact us today to learn more about all of our services.

Wedding Reception Catering Tips: If your budget allows, hire an onsite wedding coordinator. They’re extremely helpful with keeping all of your vendors on the same page.


Label the Food and Drink at the Reception

With a bigger reception, you’ll probably have a larger variety of food and guests with vast preferences and tastes. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure your wedding reception catering company is extremely knowledgeable about the ingredients used in the food as well what is being served as beverages.

Your caterer will need to label everything at the wedding. This will ensure no one gets confused about what they’re eating or drinking. This is a key factor in making sure the reception goes smoothly.

This is especially wise if you’re having vegetarians, gluten-free diets and guests that are sensitive, or allergic, to other particular ingredients.

Limit the DIY Projects

It’s no mystery that with a larger reception comes larger financial responsibilities. This will cause any bride to stress out about her budget. Some brides will even turn to Pinterest for DIY ideas to save space on their budget for other, more seemingly important items.

Seems easy right? A big DIY wedding project can actually cause even greater stress for your wedding. Most people think they’re a lot more creative and capable than they actually are and this can leave brides with too much to do with not enough time.

Think about a bride trying to create all the centerpieces for her reception tables. Should be easy with all the resources on the internet and willing bridesmaids, right? Often this is not the case. Without being a professional, it’s hard to understand the scope and scale of a project like this. Two weeks before the wedding, you’ll find an even more stressed out bride with only a quarter of the centerpieces finished and a million other things that have to be done. This is easily avoidable by limiting your DIY ambitions.

When you’re ready to plan your wedding reception catering, please consider Catering by Design. We’re a Wedding Wire Award Winning Catering Company three years in a row – 2012, 2013 and 2014. Ask us about our Free Menu Tastings and Free China Offers!