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Fall Wedding Reception Trends | Raleigh Wedding Catering

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Fall Wedding Reception Trends | Raleigh Wedding Catering

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Fall weddings in North Carolina can be magical. Couples that are newly engaged might be inspired to have a fall wedding. It’s understandable. We want to make sure you have some ideas to make planning your fall wedding and reception a hit. Getting married in the Triangle area? Our Raleigh wedding catering will make planning your big day a lot easier. We’re one of the best in NC and have the awards to back it up.

There is just something about a fall reception. Harvest season is so special. The warm, rich colors and the cool, crisp air makes me forget about all the steamy, hot days of summer. Having your wedding and reception in the fall will also go a long way with your guests. Most will appreciate attending in cooler weather. There is nothing like trying to celebrate the couple’s biggest day of their lives with everyone drenched in sweat.

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Table Dressing & Design

For the perfect fall wedding reception, you want your wedding guests to feel comfy, like they feel at home. We’ve noticed a trend of couples breaking free from the formal fare and traditional settings. Try to balance elegance and comfortable. You can still be stylish while keeping your decor rustic and unconventional. Clean and earthy is a good way to look at this style. Try to incorporate old farmhouse tables, anything antique will also add lots of flare, and maybe use old wooden cutting boards as serving trays. If you wanted to try a country farmer’s market theme, incorporate fresh seasonal vegetables as centerpieces or color accents. Try making some of your decor functional. A great Raleigh wedding catering tip would be to set rustic pots at each table filled with fresh herbs. Place antique scissors for guests to use as they snip herbs to add to their food. This follows the rustic theme but also incorporates another major 2014 wedding trend – keeping it interactive.

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If you are going to have a comfy atmosphere, then your wedding menu should also be somewhat comfortable too. A great way to accomplish this is with a dinner buffet. Brides and grooms should incorporate their favorite comfort food items. Both children, and adults, will love interactive food stations such as a make-your-own macaroni and cheese bar, mashed or baked potato station, or interactive grits. For dessert, try serving savory cupcakes along with your wedding cake. Go outside the box with crazy cupcake flavors that fit the season.

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