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Edible Garden Weeds – Yum or Yuck?

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Did you know that some of those pesky lawn and garden weeds you’re waging war against can actually be harvested to eat? Shocking, I know. Over the next two posts we’ll cover the most common garden weeds that you can use for both recipes and medicinal purposes. Do you need affordable Cary event catering this spring or summer? Call Catering by Design today! Learn how we can help you save time and money on great service and food.

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Ah, dandelions. Dandelion is probably the most common of the ones we’re going to discuss. This “weed” has had a bad reputation for a long time, but every part of this plant, from the roots to the blossoms, is edible both raw and cooked.

The raw leaves can be used salads. The younger leaves are less bitter than the larger ones. These leaves can also be steamed, boiled in soup, or added to stir fry. Dandelion root can be dried, roasted, and ground to be used as a coffee substitute. The roots can also be used in recipes that call for root vegetables as well. The flowers are sweet and crunchy. You can eat the flowers raw, they can be used for syrup, made into wine, and even breaded and fried. You can even make dandelion tea.


Most people associate clovers with hunting for the lucky four-leafed variety, not eating them. Clover leaves and flowers can be chopped and added to salads. They can be sauteed and added to dishes for a green accent. You can also dry the leaves and flowers out to make clover tea.

Ready for more backyard weed eating? Head on over to our next post to see which other edible weeds you might have growing on your property.

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