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What to Drink When You’re Sick

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Experts are saying that the flu is the worse it has been in over a decade. If you’re one of the lucky ones not battling the flu, you still could be sick in other ways. No matter what type of sickness you’ve come down with there are several different foods and drinks that can help you feel better. Over the next two posts, we’ll be talking about them. Below you’ll find helpful drinks. In our next post we’ll be talking about feel good foods. So don’t let being sick get you down, keep reading for some helpful tips on what type of drinks will get you feeling better. If you’re searching for affordable Raleigh catering companies for an upcoming event in 2018, call Catering by Design today. We offer great prices and even better customer service. Be sure to ask about our delivery options.

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What to Drink When You’re Sick

Drinks with Electrolytes

When you’re sick, staying hydrated is vastly important. This is especially true when you’re running a fever or having trouble keeping your food down. Even though water is the most common way to stay hydrated, drinks rich in electrolytes are a better option. Coconut water is the best natural choice, but sports drinks like Gatorade will also help.

Orange Juice

Orange juice will give your body a boost of vitamin C that can reduce your down time. However, drinking too much can also make your stomach upset. You’ll want to dilute it to one part OJ and five parts water to avoid other negative symptoms.

Hot Tea and Honey

Tea is packed with antioxidants. Hot tea is also great for soothing a sore throat. Plus, a little caffeine boost will give you some much needed energy. Adding honey has also been proven to help with cough and sore throat symptoms as well.

We hope these tips on what to drink when you’re sick will help you. Please join us for part two of this series where we’ll be discussing the best foods to eat when you’re feeling under the weather. Want an awesome catering experience for an upcoming 2018 event or wedding? Read on to see why you should call Catering by Design to save time and money.

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