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Durham Wedding Catering | Unique Questions For Your Venue

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10 Uncommon Questions for Venues | Durham Wedding Catering

If you have been reading up on our posts you’ll find that there is a ton of planning involved in making your dream wedding actually happen. Most brides feel like they have a handle on everything, especially if they have a great support group of family, bridesmaids and other friends, but oftentimes some uncommon, yet important details do fall through the cracks.

Your top two vendors will, more than likely, be your Durham wedding catering company and venue. Your wedding and reception venues will ultimately determine what you can and cannot do for your dream wedding. We’re sure you’ve seen all the common lists and questions that you should ask your venue vendor but we’ve put together a list, in a two part series, that will make sure all your bases are covered with these first few unique and obscure questions.

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1. What will the sound level and quality be at the time of your wedding?

Sound level and quality brings up two possible issues for your wedding. Make sure to ask your venue manager about any general noise that might be occurring during the time of your event and if it will be a distraction. If you are choosing a public or outdoor venue, or one that hosts multiple events on site, this is especially important.

That being said, you should also ask if there are any noise ordinances that you need to be aware of and adhere to. The goal here is to avoid complaints and potential fines.

2. Thermostat access?

Having access to the temperature controls can be very important and often overlooked. You, your wedding party and your wedding guests all want to be comfortable during all phases of your big day. You may want to make it a little cooler when it’s time to dance the night away at the reception; on the other hand you don’t want your guests shivering and covered in goose bumps!

Inquire about the temperature controls and how the number of people filling the space will impact it.

3. Landscaping and Groundskeeping?

This should be at the top of your list if you are having an outdoor wedding or reception, but it’s also a great question for indoor venues too.

No matter the venue, most newlyweds will want to take outdoor pictures at their ceremony. We suggest that you ask the venue to see what the premises will look like during the season of the wedding as the landscaping could be different.

4. Inspect the included items!

Some venues will over budget friendly offerings. We see nothing wrong with fully utilizing these incentives but make sure to inspect exactly what it is that you’re paying for. It’s an awesome bonus to get tables, chairs, linens and china included. This can save a ton of money but what happens when these frills look they were picked out of the trash? Granted this rarely happens but do your due diligence and double check.

When it’s time for you to pick your Durham wedding catering company, we hope you consider Catering By Design. We have budget friendly menus and offer free tastings to brides, grooms and their parents. Come by our kitchen today!