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Durham NC Wedding Catering | More Unique Questions For Your Venue

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Durham NC Wedding Catering | More Unique Questions For Your Venue

In continuing with this series on crazy questions to ask your venue, we’re going to cover the second half. If you’re new to this post, we’re discussing some of the questions that typically just fall through the cracks and many couples forget to ask. Take notes, some of these questions might be ones that you’ve never even thought of.

Get a copy of the “Do Not Allow” list

In part one, we mentioned that your venue will dictate many aspects of what can and can’t be done during your wedding. If you dreamed of a night send off using the golden light of sparklers, it might be a good idea to check with the venue to make sure sparklers are even allowed. Some might consider these to be an incendiary device capable of starting fires. Always do the research beforehand to save you from disappointment later.

Are taxes or gratuity included?

Most every bride is aware of their budget and what they are spending it on. It’s a great idea to really look over your venue contract to see if any of the taxes, or gratuity, have been included with your package. Weddings are expensive enough so there is no reason to go and pay for things twice.

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Are any other venue events scheduled during your wedding?

In part one of this post, we spoke briefly about the importance of noise levels at your venue. This is even more important if there are other events taking place, on location, during your wedding. These other events can have an effect on all types of aspects of your wedding schedule. From when you set up, to pictures, to parking, all of these can be affected so beware and plan ahead.

Set up and break down fees?

When choosing your venue, make sure you ask them if there will be any charges for the wedding set up and break down. Not every venue uses this type of service. Some venues have them included in your package deal while others require the wedding party to take care of this chore, or hire someone to do it for them. Just make sure all of your bases are covered before and after your big day.

Packing and Unpacking Schedule

The big wedding day is going to be hectic. Be sure to check with your venue to find out if you can set up the day before and break down the day after. This will relieve so much stress and make your wedding day more manageable. Breaking down the decor and rentals the next day allows brides, and their families, to enjoy the end of a wonderful evening. This is much nicer than scrambling to pack everything up.

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