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Do Not Invite These People to Your Wedding

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It’s almost time for your wedding, a wonderful and beautiful time in your life. It’s going to be the day that you and your soul mate make a commitment to love each other forever. However, some parts of the wedding can be stressful. There is a lot to do and get organized. One of the more stressful elements can be getting your guest list together.

When it comes to your guest list there are few do’s and don’ts. The must do’s are deciding on the guests, and sending out your save the dates and invitations. The date cards and invites are pretty straightforward. You know what you need to do to get those out, but what about picking all the people to send them to?

Of course, there are plenty of people that are shoo-ins for the invite list. These are your friends, family, and other loved ones that you’ll want to share in your joy and celebrate alongside of you. There are also people that you might feel pressured to invite, but you’re just not sure of. These could include old high school friends that you’re not very close to anymore, or distant relatives that you might not see often. Then there are the people that you should just flat out reject. That’s what today’s post is all about. Here are few people that should not be attending your wedding ceremony.

Your Ex

Inviting your ex-boyfriend or former fiance to your wedding or reception is a terrible idea. Regardless of whether he was your first love, a huge part of your life, or your brother’s best friend, do not invite your ex. There is just no reason for it. Plus, your ex might not really understand the reasoning behind the invite and feel pressured to show up and see why you sent it. Eventually, there will be an uncomfortable situation that will have to be dealt with, and who wants to deal with extra drama on the biggest day of her life?

If you’re torn about inviting your ex, just don’t do it. You’ll appreciate this advice later. If your ex is still involved with your family and friends, write him a note or give him a call explaining your feelings. Any adult should understand the situation.

His Ex

So your soon-to-be hubby dated his ex for a big chunk of time. Maybe they dated all through high school and college and she’s still somewhat involved with his family. Maybe your fiance still hangs out with her from time to time. What do you do about an invite? We suggest that you take the same approach as above but be sure to communicate your feelings to your beau. We all know that you will not want her there. You’ll be constantly wondering if his family is wishing it was her marrying their son, instead of you. Again, this is your day and only the people that make both of you comfortable should be attending.

Explain to his family that you have no problem with her, and harbor no ill will, but you just want the focus to be on you. It should be no problem getting everyone to see your point of view. If you want to compromise, invite her to the reception or a party for the friends and family that couldn’t make the celebration.

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