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What Are the Differences Between ‘Bespoke’, ‘Made-to-Measure’ and ‘Made-to-Order’ Wedding Dresses?

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Welcome back! We’re going to continue our discussion on wedding dressing shopping. In our last post we talked about your timeline and when you should actually start your shopping. Today we are going to explain the differences between custom made dresses. We will breakdown the differences between bespoke, made-to-measure, and made-to-order wedding gowns. If you’re searching for the best Raleigh catering companies this year, know that Catering by Design is Raleigh’s number one choice for great food, fantastic fun, and affordable prices. Call now to learn how we can help you design the menu of your dreams.

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Bespoke wedding gowns are completely custom made for you, from scratch. These dresses are very time consuming to make and can also be really expensive. After all, every single design element will be based on your specifications and your measurements. There’s a tremendous amount of planning, designing, fittings, and alterations involved. These luxury dresses tend to cost around $4,000 or more.


Made-to-measure gowns are also custom made. The big difference between this and bespoke is that you’re going to pick from an assortment of existing designs. The dress will then be made to your measurements. Because a made-to-measure gown eliminates the design process you can expect prices to be between $2,000 and $4,000.


This is the most common choice among brides. You’ll visit retailers and try on sample dresses. When you find the one you love, the retailer will order it in your size from the designer. Then you’ll have the necessary alterations made to get the dress to fit to your unique shape.

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