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How to Deal with Cold Feet

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Are pre-wedding jitters normal? You bet they are. It really does not matter how many endless nights you spend scouring Pinterest, or reading up on the latest trends to plan your perfect wedding, having a bout of cold feet is something pretty much every bride and groom goes through before they say “I Do.” Most engaged couples do not like to talk about it as it’s a pretty touchy subject. Some will feel guilty about having these feelings, while others will feel shame and sadness. Just know that if you are feeling this way it’s totally normal. After all, you’re getting ready to take the biggest leap of faith in your life, so having some nerves is okay.

What’s Normal?

Like we said, getting married is a huge deal. You’re making the biggest commitment of your life, and it’s to another person forever. Having about whether or not you’re making the right decision is normal behavior for most people getting married. When you sit down and think about all the things that could happen, it will stress you out. However, try not to focus on these “what ifs” and think about all the reasons why you love your soon to be spouse instead. Think about all the great times and fun you have had and all the great things you are going to accomplish as husband and wife.

However, there are a few situations that can create these doubts that are not normal. These include bad partner behaviors. If you’re feeling cold feet because your partner is constantly cheating, or you are experiencing either physical or emotional abuse, then these are more serious problems and not wedding jitters. You should seek help and pre-marital counseling.

How to Cope With Anxiety and Wedding Jitters

Dealing with anxiety of any kind can be tough. It is certainly not fun and can be extremely stressful. You might even feel embarrassed about talking to your friends or family, as you might fear they’ll see you as being not as excited as you should be. Coping with anxiety can be easier if you follow a few of these tips below.

Exercise or Try Yoga – Getting a little exercise each day will make you feel so much better. Just taking a daily walk will help clear your head. Exercise reduces anxiety and yoga is especially therapeutic.

Talk It Out – Whether you talk to a good friend, family member, or counselor, get it out and off your chest. Talking to your support network will allow you to move forward with a different point of a view.

Make a List – If you feel like you have some unresolved issues with your relationship, write them down and discuss them with your fiance in a cool and calm manner. Pick your words carefully so you do not hurt your partner’s feelings. Communicating openly is key to a happy relationship.

Date Night – Be sure to schedule at least one date night each week with your fiance. You two need some fun time together that’s separate from all the stress of the wedding planning. These dates will remind you why you love each other.

Remember, being nervous about getting married and having cold feet is normal, so don’t stress about it!

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