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Cooking with Asparagus

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Once the spring season arrives, asparagus will be one of the most abundant vegetables that you’ll find at your grocery store and local farmer’s market. It’s also one that’s very tasty and has many health benefits.

In fact, asparagus has been in use for thousands of years as both a medicine and vegetable. Even the ancient Egyptians used it way back in 3000BC. Some of you might not be too familiar with how to cook this tasty veggie, so today we’re going to try and give you a few ideas. Use these tips for one of your springtime meals. If you’re in need of social, wedding, or corporate catering Raleigh NC services, keep reading to the end to see how Catering by Design can help.

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Simply Grilled and Easily Roasted

We’re going to start out with an easy idea that anyone can do, and that is simply grilling or roasting your asparagus. Your options for grilling and roasting asparagus are almost endless. You can use this vegetable with lemons, onions, artichokes, olive oil, salt and pepper, and so much more. You can rub it down with your other favorite spices as well. We suggest that you try both grilled and roasted, as being grilled will give it more of a smoky flavor.

Pasta and Asparagus

Asparagus pairs well with pasta and white sauces with ham or seafood. Before adding asparagus to your pasta, be sure to boil it for about two minutes first.

Asian Asparagus
Asparagus might not be your first choice when your thinking about breaking out the wok, but we guarantee you’ll love it. Stir fried asparagus should cook for about 4 minutes, or until cooked to your preference, then you should add of all of your favorite sauces and cook for few minutes longer.

We hope these asparagus cooking tips will help you plan some great meals for family and friends. If you need dependable catering services in Central NC, keep reading to see how we can help.

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