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Cooking a Thanksgiving Meal? Avoid These Mistakes!

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Thanksgiving is almost here! If you’re cooking the turkey or a big meal this year then you better be sure to read our next two posts. We’re going to be talking about the mistakes you should avoid making if you want your Thanksgiving meal to be a success.

Today, we’re going to be focusing in on not planning and how to cook the bird. If you’re searching for the best holiday catering companies Raleigh NC has to offer, call Catering by Design. We offer big savings, awesome customer service, and great tasting food.

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Avoid These Thanksgiving Cooking Mistakes

Not Having a Plan

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not having a plan and not being organized. This mistake will leave you in all sorts of trouble. We suggest making your plan early so you’ll have plenty of time to get your recipes organized, grocery lists made, turkey bought and thawed, and more.

In your plan, be sure to include a list of people bringing a dish and what the dish consists of as well. That way, you’ll have a running inventory of what’s going to be on the menu in case anyone asks.

Buying and Thawing a Bird

Here are two more rookie mistakes some people can easily make; waiting too long to buy their turkey and not understanding how long it takes to thaw one out.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to buy your Thanksgiving turkey. If you do, you’re going to be stuck with a bird that’s either going to be too big or too small for your gathering. Do it now and save yourself some hassle. Furthermore, be sure you fully understand how long it takes to thaw out a frozen turkey. You should know that you need to reserve 1 full day (24 hours) of thaw time for every 5 pounds of turkey weight. If your frozen turkey weighs 12 pounds, you’re going to need about 55 hours of thaw time.

Oven Is Too Hot – Rushed Cooking Time

Leave yourself plenty of time to cook your turkey. This way you’ll avoid rushed cooking times and oven temperatures that will be too hot. Remember that low (heat) and slow (times) will give you the best results for cooking your Thanksgiving turkey.

If you do rush and crank up the temps, you’re only going to burn the outside of the bird. The insides will still be raw and not edible. If you want a crispy skin, preheat your oven to 475. Roast the turkey under this temp for about 25 minutes, and then reduce the temp to 400. Cook until your meat thermometer reads 165 degrees.

Don’t miss our next post on even more mistakes people make when trying to cook a Thanksgiving meal. If you need a great catering company for an upcoming event this holiday season, keep reading to see how we can help.

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