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Complimentary Wedding Tastings

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What Will You Serve at Your Wedding Reception?

You’re looking for the best caterer for the best price with service and food that will charm your guests and leave everyone smiling, including you, who didn’t have to worry about a thing.

How are you going to know which caterer is the best for you? One of the ways is a complimentary wedding tasting.

Complimentary Private Wedding Tastings

Most caterers handle tastings with group tastings, or private tastings with a fee. But at Catering by Design, we do it differently.

A wedding is one of the most personal important days of your life, and we know it and honor that.  We’ve learned over the past almost fifteen years that ensuring that our brides and grooms are confident with their menu choices, and their caterer choice is part of giving you the peace of mind that you deserve on your special day.

We enjoy the chance to meet one on one with a complimentary wedding tasting. We know it allows us to build a more informed relationship with you, and we may even learn or discover an important detail that will delight you, your family or your guests.

Catering by Design is dedicated to working with our brides every step of the way.  We mean that, every step of the way. Offering our couples a wedding tasting before finalizing your wedding menu choices is just the right thing to do.


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