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Company Holiday Party On A Budget

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At Catering By Design, we understand that you might want to throw a big, extravagant holiday party but may not have the budget. Luckily, our holiday business catering Raleigh NC services are affordable and customizable for your needs. Just check out our holiday menus. If you’re really looking to control your costs without cutting too much, check out these corporate holiday planning tips we put together that are sure to save you money but also allow for everyone to have a good time and be recognized for their hard work. Hopefully these tips will also show your staff that you’re trying to recognize them without being wasteful as well.

So, where do we start? Since we offer business catering Raleigh NC services, we get to work with hundreds of different companies each year of all different sizes. We’ve found a great way to save outright is to remove the fully hosted bar service and alcohol. This added service can cost you quite a bit. Next, forget the extravagant menu choices. We have affordable business catering Raleigh NC menus for any budget. Each one with exciting flavors and personality. For instance, make sure to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. Serving summer fruits, in winter can add to your overall food costs. Also, stay away from serving raw food and vegetables. Raw foods only appeal to a select group of people and can often go uneaten. Serving raw foods tends to be wasteful.

You can also eliminate the carving stations from your menu and serve heavy appetizers or a buffet instead. Carving stations, such as turkey and prime rib, can be replaced with less expensive food items that do not require extra attendants, or a chef to cut the meat. Also, for dessert, choose something miniature. Over our many years of catering holiday parties in the Triangle, we’ve seen that most guests only take a few bites of their dessert before throwing it away. Instead of giving your employees a full serving of dessert, choose smaller bite sized portions. You can even have a small dessert station and offer different candies, cake pops, cupcakes, etc.

Also, try skipping dinner all together by having a holiday lunch party. Most things associated with lunch are less expensive than dinner. From booking your venue to choosing your menu, you’ll still have great options and should be able to save a lot. You can also make it a casual affair and have it during the workday. This, unfortunately, might exclude a lot of spouses but it will be more employee focused and you’ll have fewer mouths to feed. Just be sure to give everyone the rest of the day off.

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Still looking for a catering service for your small business’s holiday party? At Catering By Design, we have fully customizable holiday menus for any size budget. Call us today and ask about our lunch and learn program. We only have a few dates left so call us soon before our calendar is full.