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More Common Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes

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Thanks for joining us for part two in our series on the common mistakes that people make when cooking turkeys. If you are just now joining us, part one covered the top five mistakes people make when cooking turkeys. These included waiting too long buy a bird, thawing times, and more. Click here to go back and read part one. In part two, we are going to discuss even more mistakes to avoid so that everyone will enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday dinner.

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More Common Turkey Cooking Mistakes

Stuffing the Bird with Stuffing – Did you know that the middle of the bird takes the longest to cook? That’s right, stuffing the bird with food to pull out and eat later might be creating a huge health risk. The stuffing might not be safe to eat as it might not reach the 165 degrees required to kill off all the scary stuff. By the time your stuffing gets that hot, the bird will probably be overcooked. So take your pick: overcooked turkey and edible stuffing or perfect bird and mushy, undercooked stuffing. Do the right thing and cook your stuffing separately.

Forgetting to Season – Nobody likes bland food, especially on a holiday that places a lot of focus on the food. Seasoning your turkey, both inside and out, will create a great tasting turkey. If you want to stuff the inside use herbs, onions, celery, or lemon. These will season the inside of your bird with great flavors. Just be sure to stuff the bird loosely as an overstuffed one will not cook properly. Season the outside of the bird with salt and pepper or your favorite rub.

Skipping the Roasting Rack – Huge mistake folks! Do not skip out on using a roasting rack. The rack will give you an evenly cooked turkey, especially on the bottom of the bird. Without the rack, the bottom turkey meat often becomes overcooked, dry, and even burned. This often leads to lots of food waste. A roasting rack is something you can use many times each year and is well worth your investment.

Not Using a Meat Thermometer – Many first time turkey cookers will just rely on the standard popup plastic thermometer. This can get you into some trouble if you are not careful. A standard metal meat thermometer is not that expensive and was made to withstand extreme oven temperatures whereas the plastic ones are not. Place your metal meat thermometer in the thickest part of your turkey’s thigh as dark meat takes the longest to cook through. When the thermometer hits 165, the bird is ready.

Roasting at High Temps – Slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush the cooking by cranking up the oven temps. This will only burn the outside and undercook the inside. Start out high, between 475 and 500 degrees, to get the outer skin nice and crisp. After 20 – 30 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to 400 until the meat thermometer reads 165 degrees.

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