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Clean Eating – What Is It?

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Eating clean. We’ve all heard this buzzword on the news, on blogs, and on social media. But what is clean eating all about? If you’re unsure keep reading because we’ve got some answers for you in today’s post. If you need affordable Raleigh event catering this summer, call Catering by Design today to save time and money.

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In essence, clean eating is your diet or way of eating. It’s also considered to be a lifestyle that aims to improve a person’s health and overall well-being. There are a few key principles of eating clean that you should know about and we will list them below.

More Real, Less Processed

Eating more whole foods is the first step to eating clean. This means eating foods that are basically in their natural state and have not been processed with added sugar, sodium, trans fats, synthetic preservatives or chemicals.

Eat for Nourishment

Don’t eat just to eat. Eat regularly and eat balanced meals that nourish the body. In between meals, eat healthy snacks and not junk food. When you’re cooking at home prepare your meals in healthy ways. When you have to eat out, choose the best options that provide the most nutrients.

Eat More Plants

You’ve been told to eat your veggies since you were little. As an adult, eating your vegetables is still very important. Instead of eating red meat for protein, try plant-based proteins instead. These include beans, lentils, and peas. High-protein whole grains like quinoa, barley, and buckwheat are also healthy alternatives to red meat.

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