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Christmas Dinner from Around the World

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Did you know that a traditional Christmas dinner in the United States is vastly different from holiday dinners in other countries? Americans typically enjoy turkey, ham, roasts, eggnog, and lots of cookies, pies, and other desserts. Today we’ll give you a glimpse into what families all over the world eat during the holidays. Are you still searching for affordable holiday catering in Raleigh this year? Call Catering by Design today. You’ll love our big savings!

Holiday Catering in Raleigh

Feast of the Seven Fishes

This tradition originates from Southern Italy but is also very popular with Italian-American families as well. The feast consists of seven seafood dishes. This is symbolic of the number seven, the most repeated number in the bible. Some popular seafood dishes served during the feast are shrimp cocktail, salt or baked cod, fried calamari, fried shrimp, linguine with clam or lobster sauce, and octopus salad.

Christmas Fried Chicken

In Japan, almost 3.6 million families eat KFC on Christmas Eve. It’s so popular that they often have to reserve their meal at least two months in advance.


In Poland on Christmas Eve, families celebrate Wiglia. It begins when the first star appears in the sky. Nothing is eaten until all family members have broken the Christmas wafers together and exchanged good health and prosperity wishes. 12 dishes, representing the 12 apostles, are served for dinner. Some popular dishes include red borscht with tiny dumplings, braised sauerkraut, pierogi, carp, gingerbread, and more.


Joulupöytä translates to “Christmas Table” in Finland. It’s very much like a buffet-style meal containing several typical seasonal dishes like Christmas hams, casseroles, pickled herring, Karelian stew, mushroom salad, joulutahti (tarts), piparkakku (Gingerbread), and rice pudding.

Be sure to head over to part two of this series to learn about more Christmas dinner and holiday food traditions from around the world.

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