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Choosing the Date of your Wedding

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Did you know that very few wedding parties have a full champagne toast these days?

Are you fretting about choosing your wedding date?

It’s a big important day, with lot of people involved, so well worth fretting over.

What if it rains? What if there’s a hurricane? (One of our brides held her wedding on the day of a hurricane!)

And what if Mom can’t make it in time because of her surgery. (See our same day wedding catering story, Tracey’s mom was in England and just got her doctor’s release in time for the wedding in America.) Talk about stress, and then tremendous relief!

What if one of us gets sick, let’s hope not, what then? (Do you know about wedding day insurance? We talk to our brides and families about it, because face it, the only time you need to know about it is when you’re planning a wedding.)

What if there is a shortage of the special wine we want to serve? Do we need to order a few cases early just to be sure?

We’ve written about the difficult question of how to choose your wedding date in an earlier post but know this is an important topic to keep raising, especially because we have created a tool to help you plan with.

We recommend starting with these important people and places first:

  • Family – Are your most important out-of-town family able to come? Any health issues? Issues like traveling from the North in winter, babies due, or graduations?
  • Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, Wedding Officiant – Are they available on your choice of wedding day?
  • Wedding Site – Is your wedding site  – church, mosque, synagogue, outdoor venues, available?
  • Reception Location – Some have it in the same location as the wedding, but not all. Is your favorite wedding reception site available?
  • Entertainers – If you’re having live entertainment, or you have a favorite DJ, are they available?
  • Caterer – If you know which caterer you’d like to go with, are they available? Many caterers, us included, are able to cater multiple weddings on one day, but it’s important to check.

We developed a simple form to help you explore the fit for three different dates. Take notes to confirm everyone availability, and that will help narrow down which dates are feasible. It may take several go-rounds, but that’s  just what it takes with events. Coordinating dates with large groups of people is one of the hardest parts of event planning.—

We’re Catering by Design, and we love to cater weddings. Call us and talk to us about what you want for your very special day. Call us at 919-481-2366. Ask us to cater your wedding.

We love working with brides and their families on their weddings. We are a full service caterer, and we are equally at home with affordable casual wedding receptions, as we are with very elegant weddings. We do our best to make everything about your event smooth and wonderful!