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How to Choose an Event Venue in Raleigh, Continued

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Welcome back to part two in our short series on how to go about choosing the correct Raleigh event venue for your next function. In part one we covered the basics with an overview on how to get started with your decision making. Part two is going to discuss a few of the finer details to help you make the right venue choice.

As we get started with part two, we are going to assume that you have your budget established, have decided on the type of event you are planning, and have your guest list taken care of. This leaves us with the last and biggest decision helper and that is location. The location and accessibility of the venue is very important. You should try to make sure your first location choice is convenient for everyone involved, including the vendors. It should be easily accessible. Here are a few other location details to consider:

Is the area safe?
Is the location quiet?
Is it close to hotel accommodations?
Is is accessible and comfortable for anyone handicapped?

Next on your list should be to make sure your event venue can hold your specific capacity including the parking arrangements. Parking can be a big deal and mood breaker if not enough space is available for all of your guests. Just make sure that when you are inquiring about the event space that you also cover all of the parking details. The parking area should be safe and secure, well lit, and as close to the venue as possible.

As you make your choices and narrow down your list, you will want to separate the winners and losers by studying the finer details. These can include any extra elements like the food, the audio visual equipment, how the sound carries, the outside and extra noises, and even the layout of the event venue.

The audio and video equipment should be modern and of high quality. Ask the event planners if you will have access to a sound system, video projector or microphone. When you are taking your tour of the venue, make note of how the sound carries throughout the space and any outside noises as well. Avoid any venues that might be close to train tracks and EMS or fire stations if your event requires less external distracting noise.

Also while on your tour of your final venue choices, take note of the venue’s layout and how the space has been designed. If you need a lot of room for networking and being social then your venue should be free-flowing to keep people moving and not all bunched up and crowded. Check out the decor and see what kind of changes you can make if needed.

We hope these tips have been useful in helping you find the venue of your needs. Keep checking back with our blog each week for more exciting posts.

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