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How to Choose an Event Venue

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When it comes to event planning, one of the most troublesome tasks can be trying to seek out and rent the perfect space. There are so many variables that all the small details can drive a person insane. When you start your search, you can find so many places that you might start to feel like you need a vacation from being so overwhelmed. There seems to be no real simple solution to stop the madness but there are a few tips that you can employ to make this job a little easier. Today we are going to discuss the best ways to pick the right venue for your specific event needs. This post is the first in a short series that will serve as a quick overview. In part two we will cover more of the finer details, so be sure to check back with us.

We suggest that you set your budget and decide on a mood for the event first. These two steps will eliminate a lot of places. Figuring out the budget will also set the tone for the entire event and assist with decision making. If you find that all of the event venues are too far out of your price range, think outside the box and look at alternative sites. These can include local parks, museums, community colleges, and more depending on your needs. So start there and then figure out if the event will be formal, casual, or have a theme. For instance, if you’re trying to land one of your most important prospects, do not take them to loudest, busiest place in town. Pick a place that will allow for some privacy, peace and quiet. You want your client to be focused on your pitch and not all of the ruckus around you. However, if you want to have an after hours celebration, the loudest place in town might be just right the place.

Next, start getting your list of attendees together. Is this a mandatory corporate event, a social function, an after hours party? Depending on these elements, you’ll need to get a rough headcount. Either send out RSVPs, Evites, or meeting requests to try and get an accurate list together. Then combine this data with your budget and theme to reduce your number of choices even more. Also, think about the scale of the event venue. Don’t rent a venue that holds 100 people if 300 will be attending. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Next phase is sorting out the logistics. This next step will even further reduce your choices as you need to hold your event in a location that will be convenient for everyone attending, unless they are from outside the area. The venue location should also be suitable for any hired vendors, such as Raleigh catering services as well. Your vendors and guests should be able to get to and from the location with ease. And by the way, do not forget about parking and public transportation options.

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