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Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party Without Overspending

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Hosting your own New Year’s Eve party does not have to break your bank account. We started talking about this in our last post. Tips included how not to use postage for invites, using your home as the venue, and asking friends to help with the food by bringing over appetizers. Take a look by clicking here. Below you’ll find even more money saving tips that will help you throw a really fun NYE party. Searching for affordable Raleigh catering companies for an upcoming event in 2018? Call the pros at Catering by Design today. We offer great prices, customer service, and we even have delivery options.

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How Not to Overspend on Your NYE Party

Champagne Punch and BYOB

Providing all of your guests with alcohol can be very expensive, especially when it comes to the champagne toast at midnight. Making your own champagne punch can definitely keep your costs low. This way you do not have purchase many bottles of champagne that could possibly be unused at the end of the night. If that happens, you’re not going to be able to return them for a refund. Another good idea is ask your guests to bring their own favorite drinks.


Keep it simple with the NYE decorations. To keep costs down, you can reuse some of your holiday decorations, make some handmade decorations, use shredded paper for cheap confetti, or not even decorate at all.

Forget the Big Meal

Spending money on hosting a big meal means lots of time and expense shopping for groceries and preparing food. Most of your guests will probably eat dinner before your party anyways. That’s why the tip in our last post about having friends bring over an appetizer or dessert is a great idea. You can also order a few pizzas or make some fingerfoods to serve as well.

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