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Chapel Hill Wedding Catering Tips – Barbecues

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Three Reasons to Use Barbecue for Your Chapel Hill Wedding Catering

Want to find a great-tasting way to incorporate your country heritage into your big day? How about having a barbecue? Barbecues are a fantastic option for brides and grooms that want to have a reception meal that tastes as good as it looks but is more budget friendly!

We’ve put together three tempting reasons that might sway you towards using a delicious barbecue for your Chapel Hill wedding catering.

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Barbecues can be more affordable than other wedding catering options

Wedding expenses add up really quickly. By choosing the right Chapel Hill wedding catering food and vendor, your budget can be stretched to make sure you’re not breaking the bank.

Depending on your values as a bride, you might want to splurge part of your budget on a name brand gown or say your vows in that elegant mansion on the hill. Because of this, your Chapel Hill wedding catering may not be at the top of your budget. Having a barbecue might be your best option as these food options are more commonly found and are easier to cook than other catering options.

If you’re a bride that’s looking to save money, then consider using a barbecue for your Chapel Hill wedding catering. It can be the perfect solution for having a tasty meal at a great price.

Connect to your roots

You don’t have to have been born in the South to enjoy great tasting southern food. But, it’s no secret that the southern states have a certain flair when it comes to barbecue. Country themed weddings and receptions are becoming more and more popular in all states but have always been popular for brides in North Carolina. Every bride loves being able to tie in their heritage in any way possible and barbecues are great for showing off your country chic ways.

Everyone loves a barbecue

Your wedding guests are really looking forward to the reception meal and party. Part of the fun includes planning the menu and how the food will be served. You want to make sure the guests have fun the entire night and having the right Chapel Hill wedding catering food should be at the top of your list. If you want to make sure all your guests will enjoy the food then serving traditional North Carolina barbecue food options will fit the bill. In the south, barbecue is a comfort food. It’s a meal most, if not all, of your wedding guests will love.
Don’t worry about a barbecue being too informal. The best caterers, like Catering by Design, will work with you to make sure your reception meal goes off without a hitch. We do more than just cook food. Our staff can help you plan your entire Chapel Hill wedding catering needs. Call us today and ask about our free menu tastings and free china offers.