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Catering By Design Injects Creativity into Corporate Catering

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Spot the Catering By Design vans going from one corporate catering event to the next from downtown Raleigh to Research Triangle Park and everywhere in between.

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

If that’s how your typical business day shapes up from time to time, then you may appreciate the reprieve that the occasional catered business luncheon or dreaded boardroom conference may present.

Enter Catering By Design! In a word, we strive to take the “B” out of “Blah”. Instead, we replace it with Voila!

Catering corporate events, employee luncheons, business conferences, company receptions, and boardroom breakfasts of all sizes is one of our specialties.

When we say we’ve done it all, we aren’t exaggerating. From downtown Raleigh to the Research Triangle Park and everywhere in between, you’ll see the Catering By Design vans out and about on the Beltline and up and down I-40 on any given day of the work week.

What we’ve gained over the last decade from the various corporate events we’ve catered is priceless knowledge of how to anticipate any and every need, and a creativity that reinvents and spices up tried and true menu offerings. Sure we’re always available to provide the staples expected, but our clients have come to realize that when they call Catering By Design – whether it is months in advance or even up to the day before the event — we’re ready to deliver on their needs with creative culinary recipes and new food combinations in hand.

Pan-seared Chicken Marsala; Penne Pasta with Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers and Basil Cream; Slow Roasted Beef – take your pick or customize to your own imagination and tastebuds.

From full-service corporate event catering to business meal drop-offs, not to worry — we have you covered.

The next time someone mentions a corporate event, remind them to call Catering By Design first.

In the meantime, take a look at a few of our many menus that we’ve categorized as “Staff Favorite Buffets” . We must agree — they’re real winners!

Thanks for reading, and bon appetite!