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Catering by Design on Social Media

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When you’re learning about different catering companies to consider for your wedding, or anniversary or business event, don’t you find it helpful to see pictures showing the caterers in action – where they cater, what they serve, what they look like, how much they show on social media.

At Catering by Design our focus is on you – helping you know what’s possible and giving you what you want for your budget and vision.

We’ve invested to be able to show you what we’re doing. See for yourself. Click on the images to visit the different sites.


Catering by Design on Pinterest


Catering by Design Instagram

Catering by Design on Instagram


Catering by Design on YouTube

Catering by Design on YouTube

Catering by Design Twitter

Catering by Design on Twitter

Catering by Design Facebook

Catering by Design on Facebook


Catering by Design on The Knot

Catering by Design on The Knot


Catering by Design

Call to find out what Catering By Design can do for you on your very special day.

Call us at 919-481-2366 and ask us about catering your wedding.

Catering By Design is a full service caterer. We work with weddings both large and small, casual or extraordinarily elegant. We make everything about your event smooth and wonderful! Find out just how easy we make it.

For the Very Best Event….

Raleigh NC's Catering by Design Wins Best Caterer Award for 2012
Raleigh NC’s Catering by Design Wins Best Caterer Award for 2012
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Garner Catering

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Garner is a town on the east side of Raleigh North Carolina, and is now famous for the American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, as you can see from this page on the town website.

The town of Garner has a number of parks where events can be held. This attractive Garner Parks website shows both pictures and some video of the different locations. White Deer Park has a number of shelters for events. (There are 11 parks listed on the Garner website.)

Anfesa's Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC

Anfesa’s Grand Marquise Ballroom, where Catering by Design has catered many an elegant event. We are listed as one of their Exclusive Caterers.  Their packages start at about $5,000, and they do also have hourly rates with four hour minimum. Did you know that Anfesa’s Jewelers owns the Grand Marquise Ballroom?

Other event venues in Garner include: 

The Hall & Gardens at Landmark, a French chateau style venue, with banquet facilities.

Meadowbrook Country Club (website down as of this post writing).

Several Hampton Inns – Raleigh / Clayton at 100 Hampton Drive, and Raleigh/ Garner at 110 Drexmere Street.

There are also a number of other Garner hotels and motels with event spaces.

Catering by Design offers full service catering in most venues which allow outside caterers, and is on the preferred vendor list of many dozens of venues in a wide circle around Raleigh, North Carolina. Call and talk to us about your next event. We love what we do, and would be delighted to help you plan and cater your event.



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How to Choose a Caterer?

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One of the first posts on our Catering by Design blog in the fall of 2009 was about how to choose a caterer for special events. That was 2.5 years ago, so you might think that its content is outdated. The truth is it’s not. The basics of how people choose caterers for special events remains the same. Maybe a little more information finding is happening online. Maybe there are more directories which have reviews on caterers. But the basic ideas haven’t changed.

  1. Friends’ Recommendations. Number one way people choose caterers, is through recommendations. We want to know that someone we know has already had a positive experience with a caterer. Our friends’ recommendations hold the most weight.
  2. Vendor Recommendations. We at Catering by Design, often recommend vendors that can help our customers. We’ve worked with them. We’ve heard our customers talk about their experience, and want want you to be VERY happy with yours, so we will only recommend the ones we trust the most.
  3. Online Searches. Who doesn’t look online for products and services. Yellow Pages the ubiquitous books that many of us grew up depending on, have gone online as well. Searching online can supplement the recommendations of your friends. You can also gather more information. Since we each have different preferences for budgets, menus, style, and more, we’ll need to qualify our friends’ recommendations to our own needs and desires.

Looking online can be overwhelming because of how much information there is. There are dozens of directories that list caterers. You can choose by proximity to you. By the most reviews. By the look of their website. By the way they answer the phone, or how quickly they get back to you.

We think you should choose a caterer by a combination of these ways:

    • Ask your friends and family.
    • Ask a vendor you’ve already chosen for their recommendation.
    • Search online for additional information.
    • Study the caterer’s website. Do they give you enough information to make your decision? Answer your questions?
    • Review their social media sites and blog content. We invest time and money in our online content, because we know how important it is for you to be able to see more of what we do than can just be seen on a simple website, or in a brochure.
    • We also think you should go with a catering company that feels like a good fit for you. Gather all the information you can find, and then call or visit the caterers and see who you feel the most comfortable with, who respects and listens to your wishes.
    • You want to feel good about your choice, because you are trusting your caterer with your friends and family and business associates. Your events are important!


We’re Catering by Design, an award-winning wedding caterer, and one of the top caterers in the greater Raleigh area. Call and talk to us about your upcoming wedding and ask what we can do for you. Find out why our brides love us.
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Catering by Design Caters at All These Venues

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Catering by Design caters at over 70 venues all around the Triangle. Click on the red pins to see the venue name and contact information.

We’re Catering by Design, one of the top caterers in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. We’re a full service caterer, serving a full area as wide as Pinehurst and Rocky Mount, Pittsboro and Fuquay Varina, Wake Forest and Carrboro. We’ve even been known to cater a wedding on the coast every so often.

What’s your next event? Call us and find out how we can help you. (919) 481-2366. Find out why our customers love us.

Catering by Design’s Blog Home Page.

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The Team at Catering By Design

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Award-winning catering at Catering by Design.

At Catering By Design – it’s all about teamwork. Working together closely as a team we can deliver excellent food and exceptional service. That’s what we do.

Though people may want to focus on the founder of Catering By Design, Greg Lewis, he  is the first to say – it’s our people who make us look good.

Lewis, an executive chef by profession, built the organization from the ground up, slowly, with care, focused on the quality of our employees, the quality of their training, the quality of our food and our service. That’s him with the dark jacket and glasses in the awards photo.

That spirit is the way we do things.

And we know it works. Our people stay with us. Because we treat them right, and each other right, it’s natural to turn around and treat our customers right.

Catering by Design’s chef is Chef Luis Compos who  has been with Catering By Design since its start in 2000, working his way up and earning his position as Chef. (Right in the awards photo.) 

Jen Henley, Sales Manager, Catering by Design

Jen Henley

Our operations manager is Steve Zapadinsky (left in the awards photo). Steve has been in the food industry for years and worked as manager of large restaurants, as well as in food sales. Steve liked his weekly if not daily visits to Catering By Design, so when they mentioned they had an opening, he jumped at it. Steve orders all the food and beverages, organizes each event and ensures that all the right equipment is available for each order.

Albert and Jim serving at the bar for a Raleigh Chamber Event

Albert and Jim

Our catering sales manager is Jen Hernley, (she’s the one with the long hair!).  Jen also has been with us for a long time, and she loves her job. She helps customers plan their catering orders and events, working on their budget, menu selection, timing and any other special needs. She’s organized, knowledgeable and effective.

Kelli and Amanda are part of the catering team also, and you may be talking with one of them when you call, or when you get a delivery. Both bring such a positive can-do attitude that we’re getting great thank you notes!

We have several event coordinators. Cheri Matisuf works in the office as well as serving food. Steve Gade and Steve Lombardo do delivery, setup, serving and cleanup.

We have dozens of other team members who work events with us, so we can scale up or down as we need for whatever events we are asked to cater. To our left Albert and Jim are serving drinks at a Raleigh Chamber of Commerce after hours event.

Below, is our team at the SAS Golf Championships at Prestonwood. We’ve been hosting several hospitality suites at the annual championships each year in the fall.


Our team at the SAS Gold Championship 18th Hole – during set up. (We changed our clothes when it was time for guests.)

The people in our business are in it because they love it. They love to interact with people, to be of service, to keep an eye out for everyone’s well being, and deliver with a smile.

We make a great team. We all pitch in. We cross train. We help each other out. It’s part of what we like about working together, and it shows in how we serve our customers.

We’re Catering by Design and we would love to cater your event. Catering by Design is one of the top caterers in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. We cater events throughout the greater Raleigh area, and even into Hillsborough, Fuquay Varina, Rocky Mount, New Hill and Southern Pines.

Call us at (919) 481-2366. Find out how we can help you have the best time and happiest guests at your next event.

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