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Cary NC Corporate Catering Tips | Corporate Holiday Parties

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cary nc corporate catering tips

Cary NC Corporate Catering Tips | Corporate Holiday Parties

Since August, we’ve been posting tips to make your Cary NC corporate catering planning a little easier. We wanted to let readers in on the group of tips in this three part series. We’ve already posted tips one – five, so here we have six – twelve.

6. Make The Event All About The Employees! Make sure your Cary, NC corporate catering event is also an employee appreciation event. Making the event all about the employees will give everyone a sense of appreciation. Seat all Senior Management at the back of the room. Seat all the other hard-working individuals in the front. Make sure they know you’re there to applaud them and recognize their dedication to the company.

7. Name-tags are Not Cheesy. But they can be if you want. We feel that incorporating name-tags, at the correct event of course, can be fun. Have your guests include personal information about themselves in a fun way. This is a great way to promote conversation starters and interaction opportunities. Include fun details, such as “likes Cross Fit, The Rolling Stones and Back To The Future Expert.”

8. Beautiful Venues are Not Always The Best Option. If you are having your catered event offsite, make sure you think about all the details before signing a contract. Just because the location is really special and unique doesn’t mean it meets all of your criteria. Will there be adequate parking and transportation? Will other events be taking place at the same time? What are the do’s and don’ts?

9. Take a Moment to Recognize The Employees’s Spouses. Once you have finished congratulating your employees, take the time to honor their spouses also. They’re a part of your team too, albeit indirectly. All the sacrifices your employees have had to make for their job have directly affected their spouse. This will go a long, long way with everyone.

10. Do Not Cut Corners On Service. There is nothing worse than having an employee appreciation event and the catering service turns out to be a disaster. Your employees will always remember the party with the poor service. At Catering by Design, we understand that great service is priceless. That’s why at every Cary NC corporate catering event, we treat you all like members of our family.

11. Play and Give Back. A creative way to get your party guests talking is to use children’s toys as centerpieces and other decor. Have a donation bin set up at the entrance and encourage the attendees to bring an unwrapped gift for charity. At the end of the your Cary NC corporate catering event, you can donate all the toys to a children’s charity. All of your guests will have fun with this idea.

12. Put a New Twist On Something Old. If you are going to have a gift exchange for your employees, have them bring something that would remind them of their childhood. After everyone pulls names, turn the goal of the exchange into a quest for their perfect childhood toy. Let everyone have the choice to donate their winnings or to keep their toy for their children.

We will be back in a few weeks with the third part in this series. We hope these tips will help you when it is time to plan your Cary NC corporate event. We only have a few months left before the holiday season, so call us today to schedule your event.