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Better Than Butter – Butter Replacements

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If you live in the South then you probably eat butter in and on just about everything. But for some people, eating a lot of butter is not something they can do for health related reasons or diet restrictions. Finding a good butter substitute can also be a headache. That’s why were going to help you out. We’ve found a list of great butter alternatives that we think you should try. Take a closer look below. If you need an affordable Raleigh catering company for an upcoming event this year, call us today at Catering by Design. You’ll love our menu selections, tasty flavors, service, and incredible prices.

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Avocado is a wonder food. I’m actually mad at myself because it took way too many years before I came around to trying it and now I love it. Avocado is actually one of the best butter substitutes I’ve tried. It is perfect because of its richness. You can use avocado in sweet dishes or with savory recipes. In fact, you won’t believe how well it pairs with chocolate. You can even use avocados in cheesecake! Mind blown!


Next on my list of favorite butter subs is unsweetened applesauce. You won’t believe how amazing it is for baked goods. Applesauce adds flavor depth and also helps to keep your baked items moist. You should really try it the next time you want to make a chocolate cake. For your recipes you’ll use about half the amount of applesauce in place of the butter.

Olive Oil

Butter or olive oil? Which is better for you? Both are 100 percent fat. Both have more than 100 calories per tablespoon. However, olive oil has less saturated fat and no dietary cholesterol making it a better cooking choice compared to butter.

We’ve got some more butter alternatives in our next post. Be sure not to miss it. For the greatest catering in the area at the best prices, keep reading to learn more about how Catering by Design can help you save time and money.

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