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Cary Wedding Catering | Choosing a Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Cary Wedding Catering Tips – Choosing A Fall Rehearsal Dinner Venue

It’s finally time for your wedding weekend and your big day. All the time and effort you’ve put into planning every single small detail, from the venue to the food has come to this moment. You’ve stressed enough. One detail that you shouldn’t stress about is your rehearsal dinner and venue.

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally paid for by the groom’s family. As a bride, you should still make sure that the personalities of you and your groom are shown. These days, rehearsal dinners can vary from barbecues, to fancy plated dinners at a restaurant, or to being catered. Catering by Design, the top Cary wedding catering company, is available to serve your family for both your rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. We offer free menu tastings and free china for your big day. Brides, make sure to consider these three tips when planning your NC fall wedding rehearsal dinner

Cary Wedding Catering rehearsal-dinner

Stick to your budget

We suggest that the bride and groom first try and figure out what type of food they would like to have at their rehearsal dinner. Then, decide how you would like for it to be served. Finally, establish a budget and stick with it. Once you have these few things figured out you can start creating your list of doable options.

Most rehearsal dinner venues offer different prices for different numbers of people. Since you should have a good idea of the number of people coming to the dinner this will help you trim your venue list even further. Whether you want a casual cocktail reception or a formal seated rehearsal dinner, sticking to your budget will make sure you get the type of dinner you’d like to have.

Wedding and day-of coordinators

If your budget allows, really think about having a day-of coordinator. Some rehearsal dinner venues offer this in their packages while others will charge for this service. Regardless, a coordinator can greatly reduce the stress by setting everything up before the rehearsal happens.

Most brides will tell you that having an on-site/wedding coordinator is invaluable. They are able to work with you and your wedding vendors in every step of the planning process. If you are not able to afford a wedding coordinator, make sure to ask your rehearsal dinner venue if one is offered with your package.

Look before you leap

Make sure to always inspect your venue before booking it. Make a list of all the must haves your venue should have and check them off as you visit. You want to ensure your rehearsal dinner venue is equipped with the proper tools making it a stress free event. Many venues already offer free WiFi and A/V hookups in case you need to use electronics so you shouldn’t have to worry about being charged for this. You will also want to make the venue staff aware of all your evening plans. This will help them prepare for your last night as a Miss.

Catering by Design, your go-to Cary wedding catering company is here to help all brides complete their journey into marriage. We’re a Wedding Wire Award Winning Caterer three years running – 2012, 13 and 14. Call us today and let us help you plan your wedding weekend.

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