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How to Personalize Your Wedding Reception Menu

With a name like Catering by Design, we take personalization of menus and events very seriously! So when it comes to planning a memorable menu that’s reflective of your individuality, we are with you 100%.

At Catering by Design, we offer a wide array of thematic menus for your choosing, and we are equally happy to collaborate with you to inject something especially yours that your guests will never forget.

Take a look at a few ideas we recommend for sealing your own unique personality into your reception menu:

Theme it!
Play up a theme that’s reflective of your interests around your menu. Maybe you can’t get enough of the coast. Say no more – we’ll coordinate with you to make it seafood central. Or, perhaps you’re headed to Italy for your honeymoon and want to incorporate that upcoming excitement in your menu’s theme. Consider it done – we’ll create regionally inspired Italian entrees and authentic Italian desserts to send you off and send your guests home in memorable style.

Present the Unexpected!
How about a macaroni and cheese bar? Allow us to recommend the latest and greatest trends in social gatherings. And just when you thought “family style” was only for casual gatherings and family reunions…think again! Part buffet, part sit-down dining, this combines the two and encourages interaction at the dining table and makes for gorgeous presentation at each table. This is a super way to encourage your guests to mingle and get to know each other a little better. We’ll be happy to advise you on styles of cuisine that lend itself to this type of presentation.

Share a Special Recipe!
Maybe it’s an ode to your grandmother’s award winning casserole or perhaps it’s a favorite dish from the first meal you and your fiancé made together. Whatever the selection, if it has special meaning for you, then why not share it with your guests? As long as we have the instructions down to the letter, we’ll be happy to recreate it on your behalf for that “uniquely you” touch on your big day.

Don’t forget – the wedding and the reception should be a reflection of you, so make it your time to shine. We look forward to helping you craft your idyllic menu for a reception your guests will remember and you will cherish.

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