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A Shared Thank You

Friends, you’ve heard me say time and again that I am blessed with an incredible team of people here at Catering By Design.

As a small business owner, nothing means more to me than knowing that I can entrust my staff to deliver the ultimate in customer service and attentiveness – a pillar upon which I’ve built and strived to operate this business on here in the Triangle area for the past twelve years. If we cannot service our customers properly, then we have not done our jobs.

With that being said, I am beyond flattered and have to share with you this generous and thoughtful thank you letter we received from a client we serviced last month. All the credit goes to my diligent team, as you will read. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and want you all reading this to know just how very proud I am of them every second of every day! And the most impressive part of it all – this is how they perform in every instance.

I couldn’t be more humbled by the kind sentiments in the glowing thank you to follow:


I want to tell you how extremely impressed I was with the Catering by Design staff that took care of the rehearsal dinner I hosted for my son and his bride.

During the week leading up to the weekend, Jennifer Hernly was on top of things with questions for me and was quick to respond to my emails when I had questions for her which I so appreciated! Your team on site — Steve, Sherri and Cal, were great! It was an emotional and very busy time for me, the bride and groom and the bride’s family. Steve, Sherri and Cal were so efficient and helpful that I was completely free to enjoy the evening with my guests and it was a perfect evening for the couple and our families and friends.

When I arrived at the site at 4:15, the Catering by Design Team was already there unloading their things for our dinner. I introduced myself and was warmly greeted by Steve, Sherri and Cal who introduced themselves and asked me what I needed, including what I needed unloaded from my car which your staff then assisted me in getting the groomsmen’s gifts, boxes of cupcakes intended for our dessert and my stereo system brought in – a HUGE help! Steve then setup the stereo for me, including getting a table to set it on and coming up with a table cloth to cover it!

As I was arranging the groomsmen’s gifts, your staff was transforming the fountain area where our dinner would be held – getting the tablecloths on the buffet area and guest tables, setting out the candles, wine bottles for the tables, and special cocktail napkins I had provided, setting the tables with the utensils/etc., setting up the bar which included having to bring the cases of beer and wine from inside to the outside area where we were having the dinner and setting up the glassware and I wasn’t even seeing what they were doing in the kitchen to get the food ready.

When the rehearsal ended and my guests walked over to the fountain area where we would be having our dinner, everything looked simply wonderful – the tables were set, the candles were lit, the buffet and bar ready, your staff standing and waiting for us, appearing very calm after pulling together a vision.

As I went through the buffet I noticed that your staff had brought flowers and had them enhancing the buffet tables!!!! OMG!!!! I was blown away by that added touch!

The food was hot, the buffet kept full and I heard many of my guests talking about how good it all was – with a lot of people raving about the mac and cheese and the mac and cheese add-ons. While we were finishing up our dinner, Sherri removed the cheese display and transformed it into a gorgeous cupcake display, using some decorative pearls and a bride and groom figure I had. The display was so impressive that all 10 of the bridesmaids were taking pictures of it before people started to go through and dismantle it.

My guests were enjoying themselves so much that they lingered a little bit longer than I had anticipated they would but your staff was inconspicuous in their cleanup of everything. Steve asked me what food I might want to take and then your staff wrapped up what I wanted so well that there was no problem in my transporting it home.

In a world where business finds customer care and quality to be too costly, your team showed me that, at least at Catering by Design, customer care and quality is still very much alive!

I can only rave about how wonderful everything was! Steve, Sherri and Cal not only provided the service that should be expected, they went above and beyond. I would never expect them to bring things in from my car, set up my stereo, be creative with my decorations to make them pop vs. just setting them out, bring flowers that I didn’t think about to enhance the buffet table; ALL OF THAT – ABOVE AND BEYOND!

I truly cannot thank you enough for giving me such an incredible team for such an important evening in my life. Please pass along to Steve, Sherri and Cal how very appreciative I am for their professionalism, their warm personalities, and their extra efforts that literally MADE the evening so beautifully memorable!!!

Your prices were reasonable, the food delicious and your staff extraordinarily exceptional. If I ever have the need for catering service again, I will be coming straight to you and will be enthusiastically recommending Catering by Design to anyone and everyone I can.
Thank you so much for taking such great care of my special night for my son and daughter-in-law!

"As a small business owner, nothing means more to me than knowing that I can entrust my staff to deliver the ultimate in customer service and attentiveness." -- Greg Lewis, Owner of Catering By Design
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