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Biggest Wedding Trends for 2020

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The 2020 spring wedding season is right around the corner. We’re so excited to see all the beautiful decor, gowns, and other elements that this new year has in store for us. We are also looking forward to all the new trends and seeing which ones are making their way out. Knowing the trends helps us provide a higher level of service to our wedding catering customers. Over the course of the next several posts, we’ll be taking a closer look at many of the different wedding trends for 2020. Are you looking for affordable Raleigh wedding catering, business catering, or event catering this spring? Call the experts at Catering by Design today. We have the best menu and package options for Triangle weddings, corporate meetings, banquets, social events, birthday parties, and lots more.

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Popular 2020 Wedding Trends

Sustainable Practices

One of the biggest trends we’re going to see this year are couples who are more conscious about the environment. More and more couples will be focused on reducing the size of the carbon footprint their event will leave.

Scaling down event needs, reducing food waste, recycling, upcycling, and more will be very popular, as it should be. Wedding planners, designers, catering companies, florists, along with brides and grooms will all be seeking to shift to a more sustainable approach.

Lots of Bold Color

Nothing lights up a wedding like bold uses of color. Bright popping colors, new palettes, and statement hues like we’ve never seen before will be showing up at weddings everywhere. And not only are these new color elements going to be popular but going full-in on your favorite color will also be big.

If you have a favorite color that you want to highlight, go for it! A great way to pop in your favorite colors in unexpected places is by using them for your glassware, table settings, chairs, and napkins.

High-Fashion Photo booths

Obviously, photo booths have long been very popular at weddings. We have definitely seen our fair share over the years. Nonetheless, we’re pretty excited to see our first high-fashion and stylistic photo booth. These will be less quirky and cute and more like an artful high-style portrait session.

Contrary to a traditional photo booth, this type of experience is a bit more elevated and therefore a bit more expensive. You’ll need to figure out the details with your photographer and planner to make it work for the reception. On the downside, your guests will not be able to get an instant printout. On the other hand, your guests will get a nice edited portrait in their inbox for future printing.

Must Have Video

Wedding videos have come a long way over the decades. In years past it was totally acceptable to skip on paying the extra money for one. In 2020 video is a must-have. There are so many talented videographers using lots of new and exciting technology that was once only affordable to major production companies. Some wedding videos we’ve seen recently even watch like it was produced in Hollywood.

If you’re searching for a videographer for your wedding there are a few things to know. The best ones in their craft understand how to collaborate with wedding planners and photographers seamlessly. They’ll have a good eye for knowing when to use drone footage, how to edit your video with music and style that matches your personalities, and produce a consistent and cohesive story for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

If you’ve already hired a wedding photographer then you can ask to see if they can provide the service or if they have a recommendation. Before you make a choice be sure to ask to see a portfolio with sample reels to ensure the vendor matches your style needs.

Be sure to come back real soon for the second part of this series where we’ll take a look at even more 2020 wedding trends.

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