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Best Edible Flowers for Spring and Summer Weddings

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Adding edible flowers to your wedding menu’s food selections is a great idea for adding different flavors, scents, colors, and pizzazz. Some edible flowers are spicy, some are sweet, others give off a more herbaceous taste, and some look really pretty but can be bitter. Over the next two posts we’ll be talking about everything you should know when it comes to adding edible flowers to wedding food or any meal. For the best Raleigh wedding catering, business catering, and food delivery contact Catering by Design today. We offer great prices on catering packages and free menu tastings for brides and grooms. Call today to learn more.
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Safety Tips for Eating Flowers

  • Edible flowers have been used for culinary purposes for thousands of years. However, before you decide to dive in head first into eating flowers, there are a few safety tips you should be aware of.
  • Only eat flowers that you know are safe to eat. If you’re unsure, be sure to consult a edible flower and plant reference guide or avoid all together.
  • Avoid eating flowers purchased from a florist or nursery. These have probably been treated with either pesticides or other types of chemicals. The better option would be to eat flowers that you have grown yourself or ones purchased for the purpose of consuming.
  • Avoid eating flowers picked in public parks or found on the side of a road. These flowers have probably been treated with pesticides or herbicides.
  • Only eat the flower petals. Remove the stamens and pistils before consuming.
  • If you have certain types of allergies, slowly introduce edible flowers to your diet. Not doing so could make your allergies worse.

Join us for part two of this series where we will be discussing our favorite edible flowers. Click here to jump ahead.

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