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More Tips for a Beautiful Barn Wedding

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Over the course of our last few posts we’ve been focused on barn weddings. We’ve discussed the logistics of planning a barn wedding and given some tips and tricks on things you can do to nail the look you’re going for. Below you’ll find some more decorating tips to incorporate into your barn wedding. Need the most affordable catering Raleigh NC has to offer in 2019? Calling Catering by Design is a great way to save time and money. We can help you with school events, wedding receptions, business luncheons, social parties, award banquets, holiday functions, birthdays, and more.

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Decorating Tips for a Barn Wedding


Barns generally don’t have the best lighting. Luckily you’ve got a lot of options. You can use candles. You can float them, put them on stands, and inside lanterns. You can use different sizes and types of string lights or fairy lights. And another great idea is using Edison bulbs. These are an affordable and trendy way get a beautiful soft glow and to warm up large spaces.

Foliage and Flowers

Bring the outdoors inside by using lots of foliage and flowers. Foliage will give you that rustic country vibe while the flowers will add dashes of color. Using seasonal plants will not only enhance your theme, but it will save you some budget dollars as well.

Bunting and Burlap

Burlap has been a long-time favorite for barn weddings. You can use burlap for rustic table runners, chair bows, and on other small decorative items. Bunting comes in all different types of fabrics, colors, and patterns. This is another great idea for adding touches of color to the earthy backdrop of a barn wedding.

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