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Bad Wedding Gifts to Avoid Putting on Your Registry

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Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you currently planning your wedding shower? Before you register for your gifts, know that there are many items that you should probably exclude from your registry. Check out our ideas below. Catering by Design is one of the best Raleigh wedding caterers for saving time and money for your wedding reception. If you want the best wedding day and reception experience, call us right now and ask about our affordable wedding menu selections.

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Wedding Gifts to Avoid Registering for!

Home Decor – Registering for wedding gifts takes some time and planning. You’re going to need things to fill your new house, however, try to stay away from listing lots of home decor items. Your tastes are going to change over time and so will your decor. Save the space on your gift registry for things you’re going to need and use.

A Wine Decanter – Having a nice wine decanter sounds like a good idea, especially if you really like to drink wine. Even the most sophisticated wine connoisseur will tell you that wine must decant if you want to get the best flavor. However, this takes time and patience. If you’re like me then you want to open a bottle and have a glass, not wait 2 – 3 hours.

Panini or Sandwich Press – Panini and sandwich pressers were big a few decades ago. Some people still occasionally buy them even today. Before you put this on your registry, think about the counter or cabinet space it takes to store one. Also consider how often you’re really going use this kitchen device. A sandwich press really isn’t that practical to have in the kitchen.

Ready for more bad gifts to register for? Head on over to our next post for more items to leave off your wedding gift registry by clicking here. If you need the best food and flavors for your upcoming wedding reception, please keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help you save time and money.

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