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Planning a Bachelor Party on a Budget!

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It’s tradition that the best man plans the bachelor party. Many have found that this task can be hard work. And organizing all the activities for the group can be stressful. This is especially true if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget for you and your mates. After all, you want to find activities that the groom and all the friends will like. So how do you keep the costs down and still have fun? Let’s take a closer look. Tired of searching for Raleigh caterers? Call Catering by Design. We’ll save you time and money.

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Budget Bachelor Parties

Focus on the Groom

First, focus on the most important person and that’s making sure the groom has a good time. Regardless of whether you have tons of money at your disposal or not, money should not be the determining factor for having a great bachelor party experience.

Stay Local

The best tip for saving money is by staying local. That does not mean you have to stay in your town or city, because staying local could mean a short 2-3 hour trip to the beach or mountains. You could also just get everyone together and visit a few local bars for a guys night out on the town. Keeping everything within walking distance also helps to save money on cab fare.

Get Creative

You don’t have to travel to some exotic place to have a great bachelor party. You can plan a camping trip that includes lots of fun outdoor activities. You can all go to a sporting event. For my husband’s bachelor party, they all went to the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament since he’s a big college basketball fan. There are lots of fun, low cost events that will everyone will enjoy.

Have a Daytime Bachelor Party

If you cannot get everyone together at night, there’s nothing wrong with having a daytime bachelor party. Daytime activities are usually cheaper than nighttime ones. For instance, eating out for lunch instead of dinner can save you upwards of 50% on your meal costs. You can play golf, check out a theme park, go fishing, paintball, or something else fun. End the day with a backyard cookout or check out the local bar scene.

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