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How to Avoid Getting Sick from E. Coli

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Escherichia coli, otherwise known by the more popular name E. coli, is a family of bacteria that you’ll commonly find in the intestines of people and animals, certain foods, and in the environment. Most forms of E. coli are harmless. However, there are certain variations that can make you sick and even kill you. The bad types of E. coli are called STEC, or Shiga toxin-producing E. coli. One notable form of STEC is E. coli O157:H7. This is the type associated with most of the major food outbreaks that we hear about on the news, like the Romaine lettuce warnings. In today’s post we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid getting sick from E. coli O157:H7. For the most affordable catering Raleigh NC has to offer in 2018, look no further than Catering by Design. We’ll save you time and money on wedding receptions, business luncheons, social parties, award banquets, and more.

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Avoiding E. Coli Related Sicknesses

Be Diligent About Hand Washing

Washing your hands is very important to avoid getting sick from lots of bad things. Be sure to wash your hands after using the bathroom, changing diapers, touching animals, before and after prepping foods, and before eating.

Cook Food Thoroughly

Eating raw or undercooked food can definitely make you sick. In fact, eating raw chicken can kill you.

Unpasteurized Juices and Dairy Products, Raw Milk

Avoid eating and drinking anything that hasn’t been pasteurized. While it is true that people drink unpasteurized milk and eat unpasteurized cheese all the time without problems, you are still putting yourself at risk.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables with Running Water

Anytime you buy produce from the farmers market or grocery store, give it all a good washing under running water before consumption to avoid foodborne illnesses.

No Bad Water

It is also a great idea to not drink water from streams, ponds, lakes, swimming pools, plastic backyard kiddie pools, and water tables.

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