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Autumn Wedding Colors for 2015

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Brides in North Carolina find many reasons to choose to have their wedding during the autumn season. The fall brings beautiful hues, which makes weddings cozy and give brides endless options for reception décor ideas. Picking out the colors is only one element that makes planning a fall wedding and reception so much fun.

For the 2015 fall wedding season, it appears that earthy hues and rich jewel tones like purples, greens and reds set the mood for bold wedding palette ideas. We hope that you find inspiration from these wedding color combos that are perfect for fall and will leave your guests in awe.

Pumpkin, Tangerine, Stark White, Sky Blue

This color combo is perfect for fall and rustic weddings. Choosing to use shades of pumpkin makes for a bold statement for your autumn wedding. Using different orange hues, from light to dark, really compliments the cooler shades of blue and white. When you pair the shades of orange against the stark contrasting white, you get a gorgeous foundation from which to work in your secondary colors.

Strawberry Red, Sugary Silver, Crisp White, Majestic Gold

Strawberry is a divine shade of red. It is full of energy and invokes passion. Strawberry is bright, making it a great choice for pairing with warm fall colors. Combining strawberry red with white, gold, and silver richly represents one of NC’s most favorite seasons.

Blush Pink, Cream Rose, Classic Gray, Navy

This color palette is pretty, preppy, soft and sweet. When brides want that feeling of romance, and to be whisked away, this is the way to go. The creaminess of the rose is neutral and pairs well with gray and navy for bold, yet beautiful contrasts.

Olive Green, Hunter Green, Slate Gray, Sugary Silver

Earthy neutrals make for a dreamy foundation with this pretty palette. Using contrasting greens with contrasting grays and silvers, is perfect for woodland settings, or cityscapes. Green is also a symbol of growth and prosperity.

Slate Gray, Mauve Pink, Cream Rose, Ashwood

From modern to classy, beach, or hipster, this soft palette can be incorporated into any style of fall wedding. Ashwood is more of a taupe and gray combo and looks fabulous with the dusty pink and creamy rose shades.

Eggplant, Coral, Lavender, Raspberry

These colors never go out style and are big each year. Let’s face it, most ladies love different shades of purple. That’s why we’re ending with elegant eggplant and lavish lavender. Pairing these two with a deep raspberry and a bright coral shade will make a great statement for your fall wedding and reception.

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