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Apex Wedding Catering Tips | Pinterest Cons II

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Apex Wedding Catering Tips – Pinterest and Wedding Envy

In part one of this series we touched on a few ideas as to why you should avoid taking on too many DIY wedding projects from Pinterest. In part two we’re going to cover the final three reasons why we think you should always choose a professional to handle the tough jobs.

Let’s talk about wedding envy. Social media, in general, has been proven to trigger stress in people. Social media can make people envious of others. This holds true for Pinterest as well. If you have 3 million wedding pins you could start to feel like your wedding just isn’t good enough. Don’t let social media sites get you down in the dumps. Keep your pinning under control and this will help you avoid wedding day depression.

Impractical expectations

It’s really hard to keep your wedding expectations under control when you have so many pretty options right under your finger tips. Sticking to your budget will help you keep your expectations under control, just don’t let Pinterest get the best of you.

Say you have $15k to spend on your wedding. That image you just pinned from a David Tutera wedding is estimated to cost just $23k. But what you didn’t know was that was just for wedding flowers! What about that reception buffet made completely of ice? Swanky huh? Did you know you have to hire a sculptor to make it and that ice is extremely difficult to work with? That makes this item really expensive. One of the worst aspects of Pinterest is that brides can easily get hooked on things they love, but in reality … either have no idea about the cost or scope of the work required to achieve the look. This can be emotionally and financially draining. Stick to your budget and don’t go off the Pinterest deep end.

Copycat tendencies

Some people say the best form of flattery is imitation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold true for weddings. You know that goofy pose, that you just pinned, of the bridesmaids with the funny faces? More than likely, you and a thousand other brides are planning the same pose. Pinterest really does make it easy to be a follower and rather than an innovator. It’s really okay to seek out the hottest seasonal trends just be sure to keep your own personality mixed in with ceremony.

Going Pinterest overboard will ruin the uniqueness of your big day. Work with your bridesmaids and groomsmen to come up with your own witty sayings and poses. Incorporating your ideas with the help of your loved ones will really make your big day, yours!

When planning your reception, we hope you will consider calling Catering by Design. We’re the experts for all your Apex wedding catering needs. We have menus to fit any budget and offer free tastings to brides and grooms. Contact us today!