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Apex Wedding Catering Tips | Pinterest Cons

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The Cons of Planning Your Fall Wedding with Pinterest | Apex Wedding Catering Tips

I often wonder what my wedding, and all my friend’s weddings, would have been like if Pinterest existed back then. I’ll admit it; I love the famous DIY website even though it can seem a little overwhelming at times. I’m sure I would have spent hours of my time pouring over wedding boards and updating my pins every chance I had. As it stands now, I attempt arts and crafts from my favorite pins all the time. Regardless, I’m glad it wasn’t around then and I didn’t have that option because as it turns out, Pinterest can actually be a huge source of stress and confusion for many brides.

I know you probably don’t believe me but give me a chance to explain myself before just writing this off. In this miniseries we’re going to touch on five reasons for controlling your Pinterest urges. These points might not apply to you but may be appropriate for a soon-to-be bride you know. Share these tips with her so she can get her pinning tendencies under control.

Here are my first two reasons why you should proceed with caution with planning a Pinterest wedding.

Too much inspiration

You actually can have too much inspiration. Too much inspiration can be overwhelming and confusing. Think about it … how long do you actually spend on each picture before pinning it? If you’re like the most us, you probably spend only a few seconds before pulling the trigger.

In just a 30 minute Pinterest session, you could have around 360 pins, or ideas, that you’ve fallen in love with. This mess of ideas can cloud your original vision and make you indecisive.

This is really not a good way to spend your time planning your wedding. After all, time is money. Also, don’t let too many opinions blur your own vision. Too much pinning and you will get sidetracked!

Everything shouldn’t be a DIY project

If you’re like me, you have a DIY board that you’re constantly pinning to.

I just get so inspired. One day I’m trying to be a plumber, the next day I’m practically Martha Stewart or playing carpenter. The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows us to dream and try all types of new DIY projects in our own homes.
I have all these projects, pinned to my board, and I have no general skills to really do any of them. I pinned them because the pictures and tutorials make it look so easy. Every one of them claims to be cheaper than hiring a pro to do it.

In reality, I would probably burn my house down if I really tried to accomplish all of these DIY projects. I think you see where I’m going with this series of posts. You should really leave most things to the professionals. That’s their job. Having professionals handle the most important details for the most important day of your life is not a bad idea.

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