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Alternative Wedding Bouquets

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Let’s face it, not every bride-to-be wants to be labeled as traditional, and for that matter, not everyone likes flowers either. So if you’re looking for a unique way to add a little personality to your wedding, why not choose an alternative wedding bouquet arrangement for you and your bridesmaids?

Nontraditional wedding flowers can be really fun, they are often cheaper than real flowers, and it allows you to add some really personal touches to your decor. You can also incorporate this option into your DIY ideas.

Below we’ve put together a few of our favorite ideas that we found on Pinterest and other wedding blogs. Enjoy!

Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

Beautiful Brooches – Out of all my favorite alternatives to real flower bouquets are ones made with brooches. These creations are absolutely stunning. They give off a very romantic and elegant appeal and are perfect for vintage inspired weddings. You can completely customize them to meet your wedding day colors and theme.

Brooch bouquets are also spectacular for adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit and they make for a great DIY option. You can make them for a lot less money than buying them from Etsy, or a local retailer. If you do go the DIY route, you have a few different ways to get your brooches. If you have the time and budget, check out local garage, yard and estate sales for the antique pieces. If you need something sooner, rather than later, just stick to cheap costume jewelry instead. You can also incorporate any family pieces that might have sentimental value, like something owned by your grandmother or mom.
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Fabric Flowers – If you love the idea of having all of your favorite colorful flowers at your wedding but cannot do the real thing, then a cheap alternative to real flowers are fabric ones. Fabric flowers have a softer feel and more natural look than some alternatives, plus they can be easily matched to your wedding colors and theme as well.

Pretty Paper – Another great DIY option that can cost you just pennies on the dollar are paper flowers. You have so many options when making your own paper flower bouquets that the ideas could become endless. This is also a great way to incorporate your own personality, especially if you like to read.

Here’s a great example. Say for instance you and your husband-to-be met at a book signing, or both play instruments and can read music, then making paper flowers out of your favorite books or sheet music is a perfect outside of the box idea.

We hope these tips can help you when it’s time to pick out your alternative wedding bouquet. For all of your reception food needs, continue reading below!

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