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Affordable Wedding Ideas: Save on your Reception

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Getting married is an incredibly exciting time.

The weeks, months, and occasionally years of planning lead up to a once in a lifetime event celebrated with friends and family.

As cultural and societal expectations evolve over time, weddings seem to be more stressful and expensive than ever. The idea that a wedding must be outrageously expensive to be elegant, fun, and successful is prevalent in American society. Television shows, popular websites, and celebrities leave us with the message that the more money spent on a wedding, the better it will be.

Affordable Weddings are Trendy

Considering we are coming back from an economic recession, most people don’t have $50,000 to $100,000 to spend on a one day event, even if it is their wedding.

Fortunately couples are realizing that they don’t have to spend a fortune on their wedding. It may not be the wedding they had dreamed of, but it still can be a wonderful wedding.

Affordable weddings are trendy now. Affordability counts. See this post on actress Keira Knightley’s low-cost wedding highlighted by a recycled wedding dress.

As more couples pay for their own weddings, spending less money is becoming more accepted.

Affordable Wedding Tip: Save on your Reception and Dinner

Limiting the size and extravagance of your reception and wedding dinner is a key area for wedding savings. 

Wedding Guests at Ceremony

Wedding Guests waiting for outdoor wedding to start

In all truth, the ceremony is the most important part of a wedding. The sentiment, romance, and heightened emotion are wonderfully presented for all to see. So getting an invitation to a wedding is very meaningful and honors the relationship between you.

Feel free to invite your coworkers, extended family, and maybe even your dad’s golf buddies. But you don’t have to pay for all of their dinners and drinks. That way they aren’t obliged to bring a gift, and you have an affordable reception.

The celebratory meal after a wedding reception should be smaller and more intimate. As busy as receptions tend to be, you won’t have any time to enjoy the company of your new spouse if you are surrounded by two hundred guests congratulating and thanking you all night. Instead of renting out the large ballroom for hundreds of guests, take a minimalist approach.

The Bride before her wedding

The Bride before her wedding

This trend is becoming more visible on Pinterest, The Knot, and other wedding planning sites.

Here are some possibilities for you to consider.

Example 1:

Invite everyone to the Wedding Ceremony, but only invite close family to a dinner reception.

200 Wedding Guests at the wedding ceremony

  50 Family and closest friends to dinner reception

Example 2:

Invite everyone to the Wedding Ceremony, and, have a Light  or Mini Reception nearby. Save dinner for the closest family members and friends.

200 Wedding Guests at the wedding ceremony

200 for Light or Mini Reception with Cupcakes and Sparkling Cider

  50 Family and Closest Friends for dinner

Private Invite-Only Reception Ideas

Rent out your favorite restaurant for the night and come up with a personalized dinner. Rent your favorite park’s pavilion and have a small catered reception. Have a catered dinner at a friend or family member’s home.

Remember affordable weddings are trendy now. People aren’t expecting lavish weddings when the bride and groom are paying for their own. You can make a personal and affordable choice. You are not obligated to spend an evening with 200 friends and family. Being selective in certain traditions is practical, economical, and will leave you with more time to enjoy the company of the people you love.

Guest post by writer, Chelsea Holland.