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About CISNA – A Government-Run Orphanage for Street Children (Boys).

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CISNA is an orphanage that Greg Lewis of Catering by Design visited on a mission trip to El Salvador. Located in San Salvador it houses about 120 boys.

Greg Lewis visited the orphanage on at least one of his mission trips earlier this year. “When I visited the orphanage, I looked right through those wires into the orphanage. As soon as we went in the kids were so hungry for attention, they were all over us wanting to play. You can’t help but want to do something more for them.”

Photo from CISNA Blog

Photo from CISNA Blog

Orphan Helpers staffs the CISNA orphanage and on their Website they write that CISNA stands for “Complejo de Integración Social para la Niñez y la Adolescencia” (Complex for the Social Integration of Children & Teenagers)

Here is the About CISNA blog for the organization.

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