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More Hot 2020 Wedding Trends

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Getting married later this year? Curious to know what wedding trends will be hot and which ones are on the way out? Welcome back to our series on the biggest and best 2020 wedding trends. In our last post, we covered high-fashion photo booths, the best sustainable practices, bright and bold colors, and lots more. Today we will be continuing with other awesome trends that we think will be a big hit this year. Need affordable Raleigh NC wedding catering for a 2020 ceremony? Let the pros at Catering by Design help you save lots of time and money. Our clients love our fresh flavors, great customer service, and affordable catering packages. Don’t need full service? Be sure to ask about our wedding catering delivery options. We’re here to help.

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More Incredible Wedding Trends for the 2020 Season

Micro Weddings

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Enter the micro wedding. Micro weddings are based on having a smaller and more exclusive guest list so you can offer more bang for your buck. With a smaller guest list, your budget-per-guest goes way up. You’ll be able to have more room for elaborate touches, a better menu, or your favorite band. Micro weddings are also great for introverts who prefer smaller groups.

Going With Green Vibes

Greenery will still be a big hit for the spring and summer 2020 wedding season. Lush greens on tables, chairs, walls, and more will add depth to your overall look with other floral and color elements. Myrtle, ivy, lemon leaf, leather and tree ferns, silver dollar eucalyptus, honey bracelet, and even most herbs can be used to spruce up your green elements.

Mysterious Mysticism

Forget the standard photo booth for extra entertainment at your 2020 wedding reception and delve into the mysterious. Tarot cards, palm reading, healing crystals, psychic readings, and Reiki sessions could all be fun ideas for a magical wedding reception. Your guests will be able to explore their destiny, learn about their past, maybe even find out what will happen to them in the future.

Other fun ideas would be to hire a handwriting analyst or personality reader. A handwriting analyst can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their handwriting from a small sample. Personality readers can figure out your likes and dislikes, your thoughts and feelings, talents, strengths, and more that are trapped in your subconscious mind after a brief interaction.

Specialty Liquor Bar

The specialty cocktail might be on its way out to make room for the specialty liquor bar. If you’re a whiskey fan, a bourbon lover, a tequila king, a rum runner, or love a different type of liquor, then you might want to think about the specialty bar. You can even do a half-liquor and half-wine bar to satisfy both the bride and groom if need be.

A specialty bar will allow you to treat your guests to your favorite spirit in droves. You can even have monogrammed napkins, specialty drink-ware, and a garnish DIY garnish bar.

Self-Serve Adult Refreshments

We’re not talking about coolers full of cold beers. This idea is focused on working taps. You have a small tricked out bar with your own specialty pour-over cocktails, working taps of beer, and even a champagne dispenser.

Our next wedding trend installment is right around the corner. We hope you’ll come back soon to learn more about what’s going to be popular in 2020. In the next few weeks, we will be covering everything from wedding gown trends to flowers, and more. If you have an event coming up this summer or fall, please call Catering by Design today. Keep reading to learn how we can save you time and money with impeccable customer service and unbelievable prices.

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