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More Hot 2019 Wedding Trends

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Welcome back to our series on our favorite wedding trends for 2019! In our last post we talked about velvety fabric, bridal hats, and wedding gowns. Be sure to use the link above to go back and take a look. Today’s piece will be featuring some more of our favorite 2019 wedding trends. Do you need a reliable Raleigh catering company for a 2019 wedding? Catering by Design is the area’s top choice for great food, fun, and affordable prices. Call our team of pros today to learn more about how we can help you save time and money.

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More 2019 Wedding Trends We Think You’ll Love

Palm Readers and Tarot Cards

Providing a source of fun entertainment at your wedding reception can be hard to figure out at times. Hiring a tarot card or palm reader for your reception is a 2019 trend that we really love. It will provide a unique and cool experience that your guests will never forget. This is a great idea to really take your wedding to the next level.

Caricature Artists

Another entertainment trend that we think could be popular in 2019 is hiring caricature artists. This is another creative way to make your wedding reception stand out. Depending on how many guests you’ll have attending you might want to hire more than one artists to ensure everyone gets their own drawing.

Dramatic Lighting

Make a statement at your wedding in 2019 with dramatic lighting. We’re talking about going beyond the traditional lighting options such as twinkle lights and string bulbs. In 2019 expect to see neon installations, basket lanterns, and subtle colored taper candles.

Head on over to part three of this series to see what 2019 wedding trends made it into our final favs!

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