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2015 Fashion Trends for Grooms

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If I were to ask you about wedding and fashion tips, I bet the first thing you would talk about is the bride and her gown, then maybe the bridesmaid dresses, and of course – shoes! Unfortunately for the groom and his men, they often get left out of the conversation.  So what is a stylish groom supposed to do to get his own inspiration?

When we start discussing wedding planning we notice that there is just so much out there for the bride and her gals. However, over on the men’s side of things the choice can be slim pickings. Hey grooms, don’t be alarmed. We’ve put together some great tips that will help you step out of the same ole mold and express your own style and personality so keep on reading below.

Be a Nonconformist – Let’s face it, groom’s fashion can be stale and boring at times. This is your chance to move away from the traditional tuxedo in favor of something that better fits your own personality. Get yourself a nice and stylish suit, and then opt for mismatched color, or alternating light and dark suits for your groomsmen. This is a great way to represent your own personality. You’ll also be breaking the traditional mold. Just try to avoid looking looking like a boy band so tie everything together with matching accessories like ties and cufflinks.

Crazy Cuffs – I have to admit that I love men’s cufflinks. I think these accessories are great for injecting a little personality in a small, yet impactful way. Grooms, get away from the standard cufflinks and choose some that are cool, funky, or unique. You can get links designed with your university’s logo, your favorite sports teams, or even go with a superhero theme for you and your groomsmen. When your wedding guest do notice these accessories, they’ll be impressed with your style.

Don’t Be Scared to Be Colorful – Let go of your fear of color and move away from the gloomy groom syndrome. Try something new this year and choose a color that compliments your lovely bride. You do not have to go wild, but getting away from the dark colors and moving into something light or colorful will make your wedding more fun and exciting. This is an especially good idea for spring and summer, or outdoor weddings!

Stepping in Style – I know plenty of men who love shoes just as much as women and getting dapper with your footwear is perfect for letting your personality shine through. Move away from the traditional lace ups and shiny loafers and opt for a sleek dress boot style instead. Dress boots are very trendy right now and would look great with your nonconventional suit.

Quirky Boutonnière – Most grooms wear a flower from the bride’s bouquet as a traditional boutonnière. Give yours some personal flare by adding some uniqueness of your own. For instance, you can tie in some ribbons in the colors of your favorite sports teams, use lego mini figures to represent your favorite activity, add a small mascot pin from your university, or really any detail that brings out a little bit of you.

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