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2011 Wedding Trends

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Elegant, Sophisticated Weddings and Outdoor Weddings are 2011 Trends

Elegant, Sophisticated Weddings and Outdoor Weddings are 2011 Trends

January is the month that many engaged couples call to talk about their ideal wedding reception and find out what choices their budgets will allow. It’s an exciting time for us because it’s a very happy time. We love hearing what our couples are imagining and letting them know about the flexibility we offer and the choices they have.

Since January is wedding planning month, we thought we’d give you a quick report on what January 2011 trends are getting posted on the Internet.

Compare these two different January 2011 reports on 2011 Wedding Trends. (We added the links to show examples of each of the trends.)

What did these two reports have in common?

The trends they agreed upon were bright or bold colors, outdoor weddings, textures, elegance and personalization.

Wedding Trends 1

Crystals and Monograms

Sheer fabrics and Assymetry

Sheer Materials and Elegant Texture are 2011 Trends for Weddings

Sheer Materials and Elegant Texture are Trendy

Textures and Layers

Bright Colors

Decorated Belts


Outdoor and Nature Weddings

Green or Eco Weddings

Bold Bright Colors are 2011 Wedding Trends

Bold Bright Colors are a 2011 Wedding Trend

Multiple Colors

Social Networking

Do it Yourself Preparations

Wedding Trends 2

Sophistication and Elegance

Outdoor Ceremonies and Venues

Greys and Navy

Warm Tan Textured Table Cloth with Flower Petals and Satin Napkins

More Colors and Textures are Forecast for 2011

Metallics and Bold Colors

Dress Ball Gowns

Fancy Tuxes for Men with Personalization

Sumptuous Textures

Cultural and Ethnic Touches

Post Reception After Parties

Do you think that these trends depend on the culture or age of the couples, where they live and what time of year they want to get married?


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